Our mission is to serve the common man through co-operative means and bring financial security to liberate them from the oppression of the economically strong people and organizations.

who we are?

History of Delhi Dhan Kuber.

The Society was established in the year 2020. The main object of the Society is to promote the Savings habit of the members and to grant loans to them for useful purposes with an ultimate aim of improving the living standard of the members. The Society continues to progress and offers to meet the expectations of the members, true to the Cooperative tradition and spirit

Our commitment towards our members

Co-Operative Societies Provide The Organizational Means Whereby A Significant Proportion Of Humanity Is Able To Take Into Its Own Hands The Tasks Of Creating Productive Employment, Overcoming Poverty And Achieving Social Integration.

Find out how we are governed and funded

The source of funding of the society is deposits from the members.

The society is governed by democratically elected managing committee consisting of 11 members.


Mr. Deepak Kumar Singh

Founder President

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar

Vice President

(M) : +919899150578

Mr. Dharmendra Singh Rathor


Mr. Prabhakar Shukla

Jt. Secretary

Mr. Sonu Singh​


(M) : +918700052994

Mrs. Pooja

Executive Member

Mr. Ramayan Prasad​

Jt. Treasurer​

Mrs. Urmila Singh

Executive Member

Mr. Sunil Kumar Choudhary

Executive Member

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Executive Member

Mr. Vikas Ranjan

Executive Member

Our Assosiates

Mr. Rakesh Mandal

Manager – Business Development

(M) : +919868902723

Mr. Manoj Kumar

Ass. Manager Business Development