RD Schemes

Get engaged with our lucrative RD schemes and get a guaranteed return almost equal to most SIPs available in the market.

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What is a Recurring Deposit?

A recurring deposit (RD), is a term deposit where one can get multiple benefits of flexibility, guaranteed returns and liquidity. RD gives you the choice to invest monthly and earn interest as per the rates applicable.

Why Choose Recurring Deposit?

RD is a low risk but profitable investment option considering the fact that you do not need to invest a lump sum amount at the beginning. Instead, you can invest a fixed amount every month and at the time of maturity you can get all your accumulated money along with the interest.

You can plan your yearly expense like LIC premium, Health insurance premium etc in small RDs.

The best part of RD is that it does not put a big burden on your pocket due to it’s piggy bank type investment structure and you can accumulate money gradually which can help you to meet your next big expense.

Why Choose Us?

There are many financial institutions which are offering RD schemes.

Where most of the banks are offering an interest rate of 6% – 8.25% which is hardly beating inflation rate, we are offering a lucrative interest rate of 10% – 12%

  • Higher rate of interest than savings account
TenureRecurring Deposit Interest Rate
12 months10%
24 months11%
36 months12%
  • Short deposit tenure starting from mere 12 months

Investing in a recurring deposit gives one the option to go for shorter duration of lock-in period. This leads to better liquidity and suits those who want to target their short-term goals efficiently.

  • Guaranteed returns

Our Recurring deposit schemes are free from any type of market risk. The returns are guaranteed and this is one of the safest investment options in the market.

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